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Tl:dr; Massive work complaint ahead. 

So, since today was a rather crap day at work, I'm going to bullet the main complaints because otherwise I'm going to give myself another nosebleed thinking about it. Minor complaint of the day was that it was a very typical Monday for me; not getting shit done and getting slammed with business. JOY! :iconimhappyplz: 

Most of this has accumulated over the last couple of weeks, but today was the last straw, so here ya go. 

    -FUCKING DAN IS BACK. This is probably my biggest issue right now, mostly due to the fact that he was fucking working today. Yeah, THAT Dan. The one who threw his keys at boss lady and threatened to sue her cause she refused to give him unemployment. The one who's caused half the staff to quit and made at least everyone cry once every Sunday. The one who's caused so much stress (aside from James) in my life that I'm now mailing out resumes (I don't give a fuck anymore if that'll leave them shorthanded, we're fucked again in the ass). As to why he's back? Well I heard that he quit his other job and asked to come back. :| AND FUCKING OGT IT BACK. JFC. 
    - So Linda wrote me up a couple of days ago for cleaning the slicer. Her reason? I wasn't doing it the way she wanted me to. Even though I had the thing unplugged, the blade was closed for the majority of the cleaning, and I was almost done with it. I'm assuming it stems from my incident back in March, but I'm honestly not sure why she felt it was reasonable to write me up for cleaning the slicer the way they told me to in the first place. :stare: She said that she's getting me "safer gear" to clean the slicer with, but I haven't seen it yet and I'm pretty positive that I'm not going to either. 
    -Omggggg why do we such shit dishwashers? We used to have good ones and now we got the crappy attitude ones. The shittiest thing is we can't yell at them anymore cause it "hurts their feelings". Uh, excuse you but you're at work, not daycare. You're there to do your job, not to cause problems like you do every fucking time you clock in. You're lucky that you're there, cause I sure as hell would've fired you for your lack of teamwork. 
 -Hiring new staff-
    - So, we got a new dishwasher. I guess that's great cause it's supposed to be helpful for one of our other disher who's going to be gone for awhile. But for christ's sake, why do you have our slowest dishwasher training him? I've been saying for weeks and requesting for weeks that if you get a new dishwasher, please let me or one of the other cooks train them because they won't learn the bad habits of the other dishers then. But NOOOOOOO. Completely ignore what I say, even though you get constant complaints from the other servers/managers/cooks/EVERYBODY about their crap work. 
    -Speaking of hiring, I've still not seen an ad for another cook being listed for the team. Look, I know you hate change, but we've gone through this last year, and the year before that; WE NEED ANOTHER COOK. We're fine if we're never sick or never busy. That is a laughable delusion this year. We're busier than previous years (thank the money gods for that) and we had issues with health last year. Not sure about this year but I'm going to guess that someone is going to get really sick and more than one cook is getting overtime (which a bad thing for the boss lady, I guess). And with you instilling the obsessive cleaning requirements this year, that's going to be more time on the clock than you want cause we can't clean and cook at the same time (by clean I mean deep cleaning, taking things apart and scrubbing them till your fingers bleed). So please don't yell at me getting overtime cause you told me to clean your kitchen the way you wanted to be. If you're having issues with overtime, FUCKING HIRE ANOTHER COOK. 
Finally boss lady has had enough with James's shenanigans at work and has booted him. THANK CHRIST IT HAPPENED. :iconkermityayplz: 

Ahem, for those who don't know, here's a brief summary; James is the prickhole at work who has been giving literally every one shit for no reason. The only reason he wasn't fired before was because he knew how to kiss boss's ass. So, while he got almost anything he wanted, the rest of the staff suffered cause he was a giant vagina when he got pissed off. 

Well, anyhoo when we heard that he was booted, we were quite happy. Now, there's more reason to be happy cause one of our older cooks (who left thanks to James) is coming back, and now I might actually look forward to work nowadays! :la: 
Champagne by darkanddefiant
Cherry blossoms, feathers, purple flower (sorry flower experts, I don't know it off the top of my head lol) and champagne colored beading for the base.
Spring by darkanddefiant
Cherry blossoms with seashells as the base and chained pearls. 


United States
i'd rather you find out more about me using your stalker tendencies. just beware of the random midgets wielding tazers.

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lots of things happened this year, and lately i've been busier than usual. 

most of you have seen my complaints, and they're still essentially the same. 
for those not really paying attention, that's cool too. i'm not into really baawing about life unless i'm upset, but i keep that to complaints. 

anyhoo, update! 

so, this year was the year i moved into my own place and not have to worry about roommates (yey). since then, i've gotten a cat, and was the maid of honor to my best friend's wedding. there are a lot of smaller things that happened too, but i'm lazy and i don't feel like typing too much. =p 

what i'm hoping for this upcoming year? 

prolly to be more successful in life in general. and to find a better job than the one i'm at :lol: cause there's so much drama at the moment. :no:

anyways, what are your hopes for the new year?
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